Fan events and experiences of all kinds are moving to the metaverse to take advantage of everything that virtual environments and web3 technology have to offer, and esports is no different. Ian Grieve, former director of Sony PlayStation, is at the forefront of this transition as the current Director of Interactive for ESTN, the largest metaverse esports platform.

He will also be presenting a session, Visit The New Metaverse, at next week’s free virtual XLIVE:Meta•Mersive event. XLIVE caught up with Grieve to discuss his work on ESTN and how the metaverse and web3 are poised to transform esports.

XLIVE: How did you get into the world of esports and the metaverse?

Ian Grieve: I have been working on multiple aspects of Web3 since 2017 — mostly Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Crypto. All aspects of the next generation have interested me deeply — having spent over 25 years in Development of interactive products (mostly video games!). The draw for me was irresistible — consequently, those who know me know what I am doing and word gets around… then other people’s curiosity gets aroused! I like to share what I discover and I am never shy to talk about what I think is coming next (whether asked or not!).

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