Let’s face it, it is almost every competitive gamer’s dream to one day become one of the top professional Esports players. However, even becoming a professional Esports player is a difficult task. 

As you start your journey toward becoming a professional gamer, you will have to deal with tons of hurdles and issues. If you are not ready for these problems, the chances of your survival in the Esports industry will start to diminish.

Wouldn’t it be better if the journey was a bit easier? Well, that’s what we are here for. Here are our top tips to help you on your journey towards professional gaming. 

How To Become An Esports Player?

We have carefully picked out several tips for aspiring gamers. These tips will have the highest impact on making your journey towards professional Esports much easier. Keep on reading so you can reach your dream of becoming an Esports pro much faster. 

Take Care Of The Bills First

One of the most common issues that aspiring Esports pros have to deal with is not being able to pay the bills. Having access to running water, electricity, heating, food, and especially the internet is essential for a gamer or any human. 

If you have no food, you won’t have the energy to play games. If you have no electricity, you won’t be able to run your gaming devices. Gamers can surely live without the internet, but they won’t be able to game anymore, and sacrificing the internet for other essential items is counterproductive for an aspiring Esports pro. 

So it is absolutely essential that you at least have a job that can support you. Or if you are in your early teens, maybe your parents can support you. 

One of the best ways you can earn a living and pay your bills while on your journey towards becoming a professional gamer is by making YouTube videos or by streaming your gameplay live on Twitch. 

Twitch is much more preferable for competitive players as all you have to do is be really good at the game, and people will most likely start watching your gameplay. On the other hand, with YouTube, you will have to come up with new ideas for content and do some editing as well. 

Regardless of which route you choose for making money, you need to have a source of income that can support your passion for gaming. If you can’t pay the bills, you won’t last long and will have to quit gaming to earn a living.

Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Games

If you are having trouble performing well in one game, maybe that game is not meant for you. Maybe you would perform way better in some other game. You will not be able to find this out if you don’t actually try some other game. 

Also, new video games that are growing in popularity have a lot more opportunities for aspiring Esports gamers as there isn’t much competition during the early stages.  

Most aspiring Esports players avoid changing their games. However, there is no reason to do that. A great example is TenZ, who is currently one of the top professional Valorant players who had trouble getting anywhere in CSGO. If he didn’t switch to Valorant, he would have never gotten to where he is now. 

Optimize Your Setup For Performance

While flashy angular designs and RGB looks super cool and all, it is not what you should be focused on while trying to make your way towards becoming a pro gamer. 

Prioritizing the looks of a gaming setup over its performance is a common mistake that most aspiring gamers make. If you have the cash to spend on the latest and greatest hardware, then more power to you buy as many RGBs that you want. 

However, if you are spending money on RGB and sacrificing performance, then that’s not something you should be doing if you want to become a professional gamer. 

Learn To Manage Your Time

You will indeed be spending most of your time playing video games and perfecting your skills if you are trying to become a professional gamer. However, you should learn how to manage your time. 

In other words, you should make sure that you are not sacrificing other essential things. An example of an essential thing that you must make time for is going to work. 

If you aren’t making time for work, you will be jobless very soon, which will force you to quit gaming. You do not want that to happen. 

Even if you don’t require a job or are making money from streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch, it is still important to not spend all of your time on gaming. 

It is quite common to see gamers completely submerged in their gaming setup. Some gamers don’t even see the sun for days. This is not healthy. You should at least take an hour off and go out for a walk. 

Also, it is very helpful for aspiring Esports pros to take a break. Your performance might be deteriorating for some time, and one of the most common reasons is being overworked. Take a break, and you will see great results.

Nothing Beats Practice

At the end of the day, no matter how many tips we provide you, if you are not getting enough practice, you won’t be making much progress on your way toward becoming an Esports pro. Not only is this true for professional gaming, but anything else in life as well. If want you to succeed in anything in life, you will have to practice and put in the hours. 

For professional gaming, you should be practicing for at least 3 hours every day. Professional Esports players are known to have spent tens of thousands of hours on just one game. Only after that much practice do they reach the level they are at.