Everyone knows having top notch gear for your gaming rig is everything these days – from your mouse, controller, noisy mechanical keyboards to a kick ass Nvidia graphics card (sorry AMD). But today, in the first of a series of articles on the best gaming hardware money can buy we’re going to cover what we at ESTN towers consider to be the best wireless headsets. Because everyone knows you want to cuss out your opponents in lag-free, crystal-clear perfection. Why wireless? Because it means you can dance or rage around your gaming den without having your ears torn off.

The debate has raged around the office about what features you should look out for in the best gaming headsets and for us it comes down to a balance of price, great battery life, flawless connectivity, weight and of course great audio quality.

We tested a whole range of the best wireless gaming headsets while getting fragged by teenagers, with some very colorful language, to help you make the smart choice.

We’ve not ranked these in any particular order, but do call out the pros and cons of each and what makes each stand out in their own right based on our highly scientific analysis…

Hyper X Cloud Alpha

This is a very nice set and on balance, it’s probably the best overall set money can buy. Featuring a 2.4hz wireless dongle and a bi-directional detachable mic it comes in at a comfortable 335g. It also boasts a 300-hour battery life now the Hyper X team cut the cord. They are super comfortable to wear, look very sexy but that long battery life does come at the expense of them not being the loudest set we road-tested. Sound quality is exceptional – as it should be with a $200 price tag. 8/10

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro

If we thought the Hyper X Cloud Alpha sound quality was good, then imagine our reaction when we heard this baby. Superb THX 7.1 spatial surround audio from the cans complemented by passive noise cancelling is let down somewhat by the detachable mic – but we’ll accept the ‘Pro’ labelling as frankly the sound quality alone deserves it. A nice comfortable set to wear at 320g and obviously looks the part given Razer’s design pedigree. 24 battery life should be enough for even the most hardcore gamer and at a currently discounted price on Amazon of $140 is might just have the edge on the Hyper X overall. 9/10

Corsair HS80 RGB

If you like your sound spatial then this is the one for you. They are a little on the bulky side due to its weight and the floating headband does little to offset this. Another let down was lack of a backup 3.5mm jack and detachable mic – so you will not be taking this on a plane with you. All that said, the audio quality with Dolby Atmos is fantastic as is the quality of the mic. I guess there are some trade-offs when it comes to having a detachable mic or not. Currently $170 and with only a 20hr battery life it really comes down to how much you want to hear exactly where the enemy is shooting you from before you die. 7.5/10

Epos H3Pro Hybrid

This gaming headset is really only included here as it really is a hybrid. Games and music both sound fantastic so this is for someone who wants a single solution for all their audiophile needs. Subtle and sleek styling makes this a great all-rounder. The chunky price tag of $279 is largely driven by the inclusion of active noise cancelling while keeping the weight down to just over 300g. They are very comfortable for extended wear and we love the magnetic mic attachment. It also includes USB and 3.5mm connections should its 38-hr battery life not be enough. 7/10

 Bang and Olufsen Beoplay Portal

If you thought the Epos was pricey, these beautifully designed B&O cans are going to make you blink. Coming in at an eyewatering $499 they are out of reach for most and even as a multi-purpose hybrid solution that is still a lot of money for a set of headphones. As you would expect from B&O the sound quality is terrific and I have been using them for gaming, travel and conference calls for long periods – the 60-battery life is impressive as well as being super comfortable to wear. The active noise cancelling is as good as you would expect and to be honest these are definitely your author’s pick of the bunch – it’s the only headset you’ll ever need…. if only they were waterproof as well. 10/10