Choosing the appropriate weapon when you join Apex Legends might significantly alter how your game turns out. Due to the wide range of attachments in the battle royale game, breaking down the Apex Legends weapons tier list might be challenging.

The Best Weapons In Apex Legends 2022

However, we have compiled the best weapons one could use by the weapon types in Apex Legends. Please note that these weapons are sorted according to the latest’s updates.

Best Assault Rifle In Apex Legends


Even though the Carbine may be the only assault rifle that fires light ammunition, it has certain features in common with the other assault rifles. However, in terms of damage, it falls short, dealing about 14 to the body and 28 to the brain. But to make up for that, it does fire the fastest. Similar to the Hemlock, you may improve the performance of this pistol by changing its barrel, magazine, optic, and stock. The R-301 is a fantastic shout at mid-range and when on full auto, can cause significant damage at close range.

Since the R-301 is only available through crafting machines in Season 13, you’ll need crafting materials to obtain it.

Best Submachine Gun In Apex Legends


The C.A.R. SMG is superior to other weapons in its class, such as the R-301. It doesn’t necessarily need to be as quick-firing as its nearest relative, the R-99. In comparison to the R-99, it is easier to control and causes more damage. It is a monster both up close and from a little distance, and its ability to use both light and heavy ammo without altering how it shoots is a significant asset in games where loot is limited. The C.A.R.’s designers focused on making it adaptable, and it shows in its design. The SMG’s biggest flaw is that it performs poorly at medium to long ranges, but an SMG is an SMG, after all. When firing bullets from a distance, switch to your main assault rifle weapon.

Best Pistol In Apex Legends


The Wingman, the lone handgun is by far the most difficult to use but hits hard. Despite the low recoil, it can be challenging to line up your shot due to the amount of gun motion on fire and the slow firing rate. These problems make sense given that this pistol hits like a truck, especially if you hit the target in the head. In late-game battles, the Boosted Loader hop-up makes its reload speed even faster and its magazine much bigger, which is a blessing. The Wingman is the dependable sidekick of many eminent players however it can cause an issue for newer players due to its difficulty in maintaining crosshair placement while shooting.

Best Shotgun In Apex Legends


Because the devs are always adjusting the shotgun meta to find the greatest option, there has been a lot of debate about which shotgun has been the best in the game.

However, Mastiff has been one of the top choices of gamers due to several reasons. Similar to the 30-30, the Mastiff received a significant improvement in the shape of the Dual Shell, which lessens the impact of its lengthy reload time. The amount of damage it provides makes it worthwhile to pick up despite its high inconsistency—even if you aim your sights directly at someone’s head, you don’t know if you’ll hit them or not. The Mastiff is currently the greatest shotgun in the game due to it having a high DPS (Damage per Shot).

Best LMG In Apex Legends

M600 Spitfire

It’s difficult to imagine that this Spitfire model has ever been used as a ground weapon. The gun was “reverted” back to it pre-nerf state from season nine when it was included in supply drops in season 10. This is an evil thing: It has an unlimited magazine, works well at almost all ranges, and has a 2x scope included which is known to be one of the best scopes in the game. With this potent LMG, you can shoot consistently without worrying about the need of running out of ammo.

However, rookie players have difficulties with Spitfire’s massive structure. Its difficult-to-use iron sight can lead to inconsistent aim

Best Sniper In Apex Legends

Longbow DMR

Apart from Kraber .50-Cal which is now in supply drops one of the best snipers is the Longbow DMR. The finest non-supply drop sniper rifle in the game right now is the Longbow. It is easier to operate than the Sentinel because of its rapid rate of fire and absence of a bolt to pull; with a 2x or 3x scope, it may even be used at close range. Unfortunately, its bullet drop is significant, so you must lead your shot if your target is very far away, and its per-bullet damage is lesser than that of the Sentinel. Nevertheless, it’s preferable to hit more targets with low damage than to miss many with high damage.

The top weapons in Apex Legends are listed here, sorted by the type of weapon they belong to. Check out every weapon to make it easier for you to choose the ideal ones for your loadout.