PUBG PC is well-known for its strategic gameplay and the various cosmetics that have allowed this game to flourish. These include weapon skins that are designed around a range of seasonal themes. There are several that are available to change the appearance of any weapon in the game. Some PUBG PC skins, though, are more spectacular than others.

Taste is subjective, but a few skins have great designs and aesthetics that set them apart from the herd. Most of these are no longer available from the in-game store; however, if you are lucky, you may find them being sold by other players on the Steam Marketplace.

Best PUBG PC Skins 2022

Here is a list of the top skins in the game.

Gold Plate – AWM

The Gold Plate AWM is a significant addition to the gun’s function in a way that seems high-end and elegant at the same time. Anyone who views it on the kill-cam will be impressed by its modest yet exquisite appearance. It includes polished hardwood components that shine out in darker areas and a gorgeous solid gold base color. The wooden and gold contrast makes it appear expensive and austere.
The gun may still be purchased through the Steam Marketplace even though it is no longer offered in the store.

Over the Rainbow – M24

The Over the Rainbow crate was just introduced to the game by PUBG developers in August 2022. It includes a brand-new progressive M24 skin along with many other weapon skins. This skin is notable for its exquisite design and vibrant aesthetics, which offer the M24 a colorful appearance. In addition, it has a 0.9% drop probability and is exceptionally uncommon. Additionally, it is the only legendary-tier weapon on the list.

The Over the Rainbow crate will be available in-game until the end of November. One may be purchased for 10 Contraband Coupons or 200 G-Coins.

XingHun’s AKM

A limited-edition BATTLEGROUNDS crate named “XingHun’s Crate” was introduced in the game earlier this year in honor of a Chinese PUBG partner. The price of the gun, which is now over $100, is no longer low. It is also one that is really difficult to obtain. Its scarcity is primarily due to its exclusivity and unique aesthetics. Additionally, just a few of these weapons were accessible to players in China.

BattleStat – AKM

This BattleStat skin is quite unique. Although it can be acquired from a paid key crate, the drop rate is merely 0.16%. The main factor contributing to the skin’s popularity among gamers is the difficulty involved in obtaining it.

However, if you are lucky enough to earn this weapon skin, you will also get a cosmetic that keeps track of your kill count, which is an excellent addition to your collection.

Shark Bite – M16A4

The M16A4 Shark Bite is predominantly a deep grey/blue tint, and the red/black detailing heightens its menacing appearance. This magnificent skin may be found in an Equinox Crate. It includes two distinct skin color options (one for Kar98, too) and a menacing shark face.

Silver Plate – SCAR-L

Although many other firearms can use this skin, SCAR-L is the one on which it looks best. Regardless of the lighting, this skin has a simple and elegant appearance. The shine cast on the brighter spots indeed improves its appearance. Once more, this is an outdated skin that can only be purchased via the Steam Marketplace and is no longer available in-game.

Rugged (Orange) – AKM

Another fantastic skin in the game that adds a more genuine feel to the entire playing experience is the Rugged skin, particularly the orange one. It distinguishes out from the competition because of its vivid style. Likewise, you may purchase it through the Steam Marketplace.

Trifecta – UZI

The Trifecta skins, particularly the UZI, are some of the most beautiful and imaginative skins in the game. Primarily, it uses red, white, and black color schemes. Some areas of the white are somewhat grey since it has been crystallized. A gun that can be said to have some blood on it, and the outlook that it is primarily gives out is composed of thick stone.

However, on the pricing side, it is definitely one of the higher ones that will cost you a lot, even on the Steam Marketplace, where you will also have to pay for its exclusivity.

Glory – AKM

The Glory weapon skin was only available to XB1 players for a brief period until it was finally taken off the market on October 22. It is offered in a Triumph Crate.

For starters, this skin gives you access to a pitch-black AKM that appears to be very cool. It has an actual chicken engraved on it. Also, if your rifle actually depicts a chicken, I’d say you’re destined to bring home many chicken dinners.

Glided Jade Dragon – DP 28

Glided Jade Dragon DP-28 has become widely popular in PUBG since its launch last August at the Glided Jade Dragon Crate Event.

Another reason for its appeal is its scarcity; players had to spend a lot of money on UCs since getting this LMG in fortunate spins was difficult, and you had to be lucky to find one.

Customizable colors for the skin that were introduced in Lucky Spin are purple, green, and sky-colored. The Glided Jade Dragon DP 28 is modeled like an octopus’s tentacles.

Final Words

In PUBG, skins serve only as a means of display and offer no significant advantages. Just keep in mind that you cannot purchase skills—only skins! In essence, gun skins give out a great aesthetic. They can also be used to make your friends envy you; other than that, there is no explanation for the benefit in-game.