Picking up a mousepad might not seem as hectic and time-consuming as picking up a mouse however, investing in a good mousepad can play a big part in preserving your mouse’s skates (which can sometimes get expensive to replace) and also in the overall gaming experience, especially if you play a lot of first-person shooters. Most of the mousepads are explicitly designed for the mouse’s sensors in such a way that it ensures maximum comfort and performance.

The Best Mousepads For Esports Gaming

In competitive play, a mousepad can significantly impact your speed of play and your aim. Some are suitable for faster-paced gameplay, while others with more friction are a bit more control-oriented. With the influx of premium gaming mousepads in recent years, it has been hard to select the perfect mousepad, especially for competitive where you need that extra bit of advantage over your opponent; hence below is the list of some of the best mousepads tailored specifically for competitive players.

Corsair MM200 Pro

Corsair’s MM200 might be the perfect option for those with a palm grip as it is inarguably one of the thickest mousepads on the market, coming in at 6mm. The smooth-coated fabric makes it easier for the mouse to glide and might be great for those occasional flashy flicks. Other features that make this mousepad a good choice are its rubber base, stitched edges, water-resistant cloth on top, and a nifty $25 price.

SteelSeries QcK

The QcK series from SteelSeries is loved by many e-sport pros worldwide, and for a good reason. It offers a smooth cloth surface and rubberized bottom for improved stability. The mousepad comes in various sizes, but I’d prefer the XXL, especially for players with low sensitivity who often need a lot of space. It can also be rolled and taken wherever you want, plus the fact that it is washable and water-resistant is something nice to have. The cherry on top is that it is an economical option, particularly for players on a budget, with the QcK Mini starting at around $7.

Artisan Ninja FX Shidenkai

Lately, Artisan has been quite popular among the gaming community due to their premium finishes and excellent build quality; however, what makes this particular mousepad unique and special is the fact that its’ soft surface is coated with glass which allows for more effortless glide and so, is perfect for faster-paced plays. Artisan claims that it has one of the strongest anti-slip bases; however, it is not something that mainly makes it “superior” to the other options on the list. Plus, it’s priced at around $70 which can be a deal-breaker for many.

Razer Acari

Another hard-surfaced mousepad on the list is the Razer Acari. It has a textured plastic finish and features a nano-bead surface with an oleophobic coating to prevent the oils from your hands from interfering with the game. Razer stresses upon an ultra-low friction surface for quick movement and change of direction, and the large surface area on the mousepad complements that. However, the 2mm thin form factor and the $60 price tag might not be liked by everyone.

Logitech G640

One of the more control-based mousepads on our list today is the Logitech G640. Compared to others, it offers slightly more friction on its surface, and its clean texture pattern ensures the best sensor performance. Despite that, Logitech still claims that it works best with Logitech’s own mice. It is made of soft, flexible cloth and can easily be rolled up. It is also priced reasonably at $25.

Cooler Master MP510

Unlike other cloth mousepads, Cooler Master made this one somewhat different from others. It offers the distinctive Cordura fabric that Cooler Master claims offers durability, water resistance, and maximum responsiveness. Another great addition is the “Glow in The Dark” logo which makes it somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

Corsair MM1000

This mousepad from Corsair is unique and different from all others on the list. It, alongside its great microtextured surface, offers wireless charging for all devices that support Qi charging technology, and for those who don’t, it has adapters included. In addition, its surface provides great precision even for the lesser-used laser-based mice. However, at $80, it may not be the most desirable option.

Final Words

The options are pretty slim when judging a mousepad as there aren’t many points that a mousepad can be rated on. Sometimes it can be challenging to differentiate between several pieces of cloth; however, still, how a company makes their mousepad unique and different from others is fascinating to watch. So, for most competitive players, it mostly boils down to their personal preferences and what mousepad suits their playing style the best.