Building a good gaming machine has recently become considerably challenging due to the rising prices and low store stock. However, with a high budget, things will become easier. By investing in a high-end PC build, you receive a state-of-the-art machine capable of providing a smooth performance when running AAA games and ideally suited for multitasking, graphic and 3D design, video editing, and business-related software. Whether you want to play the latest shooter game at a high framerate, edit a video, or stream a Netflix series in 4K, such a machine is up to the task.

The Best High-End PC Build For Esports

We’ve compiled a list of components that can be purchased for a high-end PC build for less than $2000. The components listed below are the following current market prices as well as the most recent vendor releases:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800x

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X is one of the best processors money can buy with excellent single-core performance and full multithreading capabilities. With an impressive eight cores and 16 threads, this CPU is ready to handle whatever you throw at it, and it represents excellent value compared to Intel’s similarly priced equivalent.

This powerful Ryzen 5000 chip now outperforms Intel’s top CPU in single-core performance, with AMD closing the gap. This CPU has a base clock speed of 3.8GHz and a maximum boost speed of 4.7GHz.This CPU will deliver outstanding results for many years.

Price: 279$


The Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus motherboard is ideal for accompanying the Ryzen 7 5800X because it has excellent overclocking capabilities and plenty of room for expansion. The board includes PCIe 4.0 support, fast RAM, and Wi-Fi6. With this Asus product, you get a dependable and sturdy board that depicts quality. Moreover, this board is based on a sleek black color scheme making it well-adjusted with the build.

Price: $200

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix 360mm

The Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix 360mm AIO cooling solution is of high quality. This cooler is more than able to handle the heat produced by the AMD CPU and includes a large radiator to help keep temperatures low and your system quiet. The radiator will improve heat dissipation, giving you more room to overclock and attempting to prevent your CPU from restricting. Furthermore, the cooler comes with 3 Corsair ARGB fans and a minimally designed CPU block, which enhances the aura of the setup and delivers exceptional performance.

Price: $190

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3600Mhz

This Corsair 16GB memory kit provides more than enough RAM for AMD and Intel-based builds. You can be confident that there will be no compromises when multitasking, streaming, and gaming with this kit. We have included fast-acting clock speeds of 3600MHz in addition to the large capacity of this RAM. With this speed, you can be sure that your RAM will never be a bottleneck, even running RAM-intensive applications. The RAM is accompanied by an RGB strip at the top of the heatsink that is controllable via software, making it an excellent addition to the build.

Price: $90

MSI GAMING RTX 3080 Ventus 3X

The RTX 3080 is one of the top-tier graphics cards available, and prices have finally returned to normal. Simply put, this card is one of the best-performing GPUs ever to grace the benchmarks, and it will handle any game you throw at it with incredible performance across the board. While playing in 4K, you can expect stable frames at maximum settings. Everything below 4K is a piece of cake for this GPU. With popular Esports Titles such as CSGO, the GPU can reach the mark of 360 FPS without a problem making it a suitable option for the build.

Price: $800

Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0

We chose Sabrents’ 1TB Rocket NVMe SSD for this build because it has lightning-fast load times and is available at a meager price. The Rocket M.2 drive is one of the fastest on the market, with sequential read/write speeds of up to 3,500/2,500MB/s. With a massive 1TB storage capacity, this SSD is the ideal complement to this already impressive build.

Price: $240

Corsair 5000D Airflow

We chose the Corsair 5000D Airflow PC case to keep all of your components safe and stylish. This mid-tower case includes two 120mm fans that provide adequate Airflow right out of the box. Even with the most demanding games, your gaming PC will run at low temperatures. The 5000D Airflow has a sleek design and tempered glass panel to complement your overall build.

Price: $150

EVGA SuperNova 750 Watts

Every high-end build requires a solid and dependable power supply to keep things running smoothly. While some may believe that more watts are better, 750W is more than adequate for powering this gaming rig. While you may not require the most efficient power supply available, the gold efficiency level for this power supply is high quality. The EVGA power supply comes with an 80+ Gold rating and fully modular cables making it user-friendly.

Price: $80

So, there you have it. Here are our top picks for the best computer builds under $2,000. The target audience for this build is gamers who want to get the most bang for their buck. We recommend reviewing each component in detail to get a good idea of the build’s actual performance.