Apex Legends is still a very successful battle royale, for a good reason. Its quick-fire gunfights and playable characters, nicknamed “Legends,” give the battle royale concept a distinctive twist. Along with the weapons and things acquired on the ever-dwindling map, legends also possess unique powers. Players of Apex Legends have access to various charms, legends, and weapon skins. The most beautiful and valuable of them are weapon and legend skins since they are readily seen in the game. Here are our picks for the top Apex Legends skins. This is based on their appearances and how they help you in-game.

The Best Apex Legends Skins Available In 2022

Here are some of the Best Skins in Apex Legends in 2022

Road Warrior Bloodhound

Road Warrior was made available in season six and was given as a prize to players who leveled up to the top battle pass at 50. Road Warrior is a favorite among cosplayers and designers, in addition to being one of the more challenging skins to locate these days due to the scarcity of earlier battle pass skins.

It’s easy to find a good amount of artwork, costumes, and other works of creativity inspired by the skin’s distinctive appearance. The fact that it resembles streetwear the most and is nonetheless combat-ready has kept Bloodhound in gamers’ hearts for so long.

Voidwalker Wraith

In September 2019, as part of the Apex Legends Voidwalker Event, the “Voidwalker” skin for Wraith was made available. It’s a legendary skin that could have been purchased for 1800 Apex Coins or, in a bundle, 2500 Apex Coins.

One of the most adored skins in the entire Apex Legends game is the “Voidwalker” skin because it is absolute perfection. Many players specialize in the Wraith class, and the “Voidwalker” skin is almost always one of their top three choices. It revolves around an astronaut theme with a purple helmet exclusive for this skin. This has been a popular choice for professional gamers due to the structure it comes with. The fact that this skin is rather uncommon and we don’t know when it will appear in the in-game store again is a drawback.

Jewel of Olympus Horizon

When you first viewed this picture, you weren’t the only one who wasn’t sure which tale it represented. Horizon’s whole look is altered by Jewel of Olympus, who replaces her curly red hair with a blonde cropped cut and turns her outfit into pure gold. Although this skin is not very ancient, it is one of the nicest that Horizon has. It was made accessible during the Warriors event of season 12. None of her other skins, not even her legendary ones, nor many other legends’, dramatically alter their look. It belongs among the top competitors on the list.

MIL-SPEC Bangalore

In January of 2022, the “Mil-Spec skin” for Bangalore was displayed in the Apex Legends Gridiron Store. This legendary skin may have been purchased individually for 1800 Apex Coins or as part of a bundle for 4350 Apex Coins.

It was difficult to choose between the “Mil-Spec” and “Decorated Line” skins since the “Mil-Spec” skin links to Bangalore’s history and heritage. However, the Decorated Line skin is too bulky, and although not honoring her job as a pilot, the Mil-Spec skin seems to be the superior and more flexible of the two. It seems to be something an IMC soldier might wear. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in the in-game shop, but we hope it will return soon.

Broseidon Fuse

Fuse has only been in the game since season eight. Therefore he has not had as much time as some of the older legends on this list to get skins. Nonetheless, he can still keep up with the greatest owing to Broseidon. This skin was launched during the 11th season’s Dark Depths event and is currently for sale.

It transforms the explosives specialist into the fabled god of the deep, equipped with missiles with fins, boots inspired by tridents, and a blue shark-shaped cannon that fires his ultimate. Broseidon was designed for those seeking the most “silver fox” skin available for Fuse.

Folk Hero Mirage

There is no unique Apex Legends Season Battle Pass or Event that includes the “Folk Hero” cosmetic for Mirage. If you already own the “The Revenger” skin for Mirage, you may craft this legendary skin for 10500 Legend Tokens.

Mirage’s skin was up for debate between “The Revenger” and “Folk Hero,” but we ultimately decided that the “Folk Hero” skin had the better color scheme. Understand us; “The Revenger” has a lovely color scheme as well. The advantage belongs to gold, however, particularly when it is coupled with a color like red.

Prince of Darkness Caustic

The Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass included the release of Caustic’s “Prince of Darkness” skin. In the abovementioned battle pass, leveling up to 25 might have obtained this legendary skin.

One of the most excellent designs we’ve received for any character in the game is the “Prince of Darkness” skin, which is rarely discussed when Caustic is at issue. You can see how perfectly the skin suits Caustic as a whole by looking at all of its intricacies, mainly when worn with his inheritance. The main drawback of this skin is that we hadn’t seen it since Season 2 when it first emerged.

Judge Jury Executioner Lifeline

2019’s Apex Legends Season 2 Iron Crown Event saw the debut of the “Judge Jury Executioner” skin for Lifeline. It’s a legendary skin that cost 1800 Apex Coins to get.

Lifeline’s selection of skins is unimpressive, and few of them truly stand out. Although several are still noteworthy, this skin only highlights the greatest. Due to how distinctive it is concerning the other skins, the “Judge Jury Executioner” skin was included on the list. Even if the skin’s subject isn’t Lifeline-inspired, we may still appreciate its attractive design. It hasn’t occurred since the Iron Crown Event, but it is relatively uncommon.

Final Words

It required a lot of insights to decide which skin would be shown, and popularity and style were the two factors we gave the most priority. We spoke about a lot in today’s list, and we hope that it was helpful to you in identifying your best Apex Legends skin.