Who would have thought that in the 21st century, the world would have to deal with a pandemic that caused a complete lockdown in most parts of the world? Well, almost no one, actually. It is why we were so unprepared for Covid 19. 

Covid 19 changed our lives drastically, in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Industries that rely on events with massive crowds, like eSports, are the ones that had to deal with the most dramatic changes. However, these changes did not necessarily result in a bad outcome for the eSports industry.

The Esports Industry In A Nutshell

Over the years, the eSports industry has grown to the point that we get to see huge events with a crowd that manages to fill out whole stadiums. It is also super exciting to watch these events as some of your favorite teams and players battle out to see who is the best.

However, the organizers of these large-scale events don’t just make these events happen to see who is the best. They do it so they are profitable. After all, eSports is an industry with business. If these businesses are not profitable, there is no point in running them. 

Not only that, but eSports events are crucial for the eSports industry as a whole. Just like any other sport, if fans of the sport don’t get to see professionals from around the world compete with each other, the sport itself will eventually die out. Any sport, by definition, has to have some competition. 

How Covid 19 Affected The Esports Industry

Early Days of Covid 19 and Esports

With the Covid 19 pandemic, almost all parts of the world went into lockdown. All non-essential places with crowds, like gyms and gaming zones, got closed. Needless to say, eSports events stopped taking place. 

All of this meant that all the revenue, from ticket sales and sponsorships from companies like Red Bull or Intel, is not being generated. It seemed the overall revenue generated by the eSports industry would start to plummet. However, that was far from the case. 

Covid 19 Actually Helped Esports Grow?

As the world started to think that this is the end of eSports, it actually started to grow. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly the eSports industry managed to adapt to the quarantine way faster than traditional sports. Sports like football or basketball require to be played in stadiums. However, all you need is a gaming computer to take part in an eSports event. Not only that, but all you need to view an eSports event is an average computer or a mobile phone, and an internet connection.

The second reason is that as more and more people started staying at home, multiplayer video games were the only option for getting some social interaction and entertainment at the same time. Because of all these reasons, the eSports and gaming industry grew a lot.

ESports in a Post-Covid Word

In this post-Covid world, eSports has evolved into a much more stay-at-home thing. As the Covid 19 virus has mostly normalized and most of the world is vaccinated, large-scale events are back in action. Despite that, people have realized the advantages of watching these events from the comfort of their homes. Along with that, the eSports industry has grown a lot. Millions of people have started taking interest in eSports and have added billions of watch hours to live eSports events.


ESTN is amongst those who have realized this revolution of the eSports industry. With ESTN, eSports fans will have access to NFTs that will act as access to all eSports events taking place in the ESTN arena. So basically, these NFTs will represent a reserved seat in the arena. The owner of the NFTs will have access to these seats as long as they own the NFTs and will be able to view any tournament that takes place in the arena.

In conclusion, the Covid 19 pandemic changed the world in many ways. Most of all, it changed the eSports industry. However, the future seems bright as the eSports industry managed to adapt to this pandemic quite effectively and even made significant growth.