The wait is finally over. After an exciting year of the RLCS season, it’s time for the world’s top Rocket League teams to compete in order to determine the 9th Rocket League World Champion. The RLCS World Championship for 2022 will be held for the first time in three years, starting off on the 4th of August, and extending all the way uphill 14th. Ten days of pure action at Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks to Epic Games and the free-to-play model, Rocket League has evolved tremendously over the past few years, and now, it has an improved player base. Due to this, we will witness the most significant World Championship, comprising 24 teams, with more competition than ever.

RLCS World Championship Details

The event will feature teams from seven different regions around the globe: Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe (EU), North America (NA), South America (SAM), North Africa (MENA), Oceania (OCE), and for the first time ever, Sub Saharan Africa (SSA). Twenty-four teams from these regions will compete for an astounding prize pool of $2,085,000, the highest ever reserved for an RLCS tournament. The event is divided into two phases, the wild card and the main event. The wild card phase will be held between the 4th and the 7th of August, while the main event starts off on August 9th, continuing for another four days.

The wild-card phase will feature a swiss-style format, where sixteen teams will compete to grab the remaining eight spots at the main event. Each match will be played to a best of five, and the team to lose three matches will be eliminated. These matches will be available to watch on Rocket League’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.

Moving onto the main event, eight previously qualified teams will face off against the eight teams promoted from the wild card. Here, sixteen teams will be divided into two groups of eight. As far as qualification is concerned, you win two games, you move onto the PlayOffs, while if you lose two matches, you’re out!

RLCS World Championship Prize Pool

The final round will have four teams from each group facing off in a single-elimination style event. The one team that grabs the crown here will be throned the 9th World Champion, alongside the staggering $600,000 prize money. 2nd place takes home $400,000, while only $200,000 is reserved for the team that comes in third.

Although the 2021-22 season has been full of surprises, it wouldn’t be a source of amazement for us if a new team wins the RLWC this time. However, of the 24 teams competing, a few have a better chance of winning, thanks to their outstanding performances throughout the season. G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, NRG, Moist Esports, Team BDS, Endpoint, FURIA Esports, and Team Falcons have already qualified for the main event.

On the other hand, the sixteen teams that will battle it out in the wild card phase are Version1, Spacestation Gaming, OpTic Gaming, Dignitas, Karmine Corp, SMPR Esports, Team Secret, The Club, Renegades, Pioneers, Veloce Esports, 01 Esports, Tokyo Verdy Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Orlando Pirates Exdee and Bravado Gaming.

RLCS will by far be Rocket League’s most significant highlight of the year, the stakes will be high, and the competition will be tough, so it will be exciting to see who will be crowned the next Rocket League World Champion.