There are 33 heroes available in Overwatch 2 beta they are divided into five tiers but we will discuss only two S-Tier and A-tier because these tiers contain the best heroes to play with.

Overwatch 2 S-Tier characters

S tier is without any doubt the best option for players. If the players want to win then these characters are the best. This tier consists of the best heroes for now.

Best Dps in Overwatch 2

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is the best damage-class hero in overwatch 2 for now. If you want to go for the most kills, then no doubt Soldier 76 is the best hero for that. His kit is the same as it was in Overwatch. As there are fewer tanks in-game Solider 76 can take down most of the other characters in a few shots. Due to the soldier’s 76 ability to sprint to high points and stay there with his self-sustaining Biotic Field, it is difficult to chase him and when he is difficult to chase how can someone him down? As soldier 76 is the best damage hero he also can heal himself which makes him the best hero in Overwatch 2.

Best Support in Overwatch 2


Lucio is one of the best characters to play as a solo because he can be the toughest character to kill as he can escape out of difficult situations quickly by using his wallride and speed boost and by his passive heal, speed boost, and sound barrier ultimate he can be very helpful for his team. Lucio is no doubt the best support hero not only for his support but he can take on fights too he can apply a decent amount of damage and he never dies. He is a support hero yet his ultimate ability is one of the most effective in the game at mitigating damage. The best thing about Lucio is his mobility. It helps in better team positioning and the better the team is positioned better the odds to win.

Best Tank in Overwatch 2


Doomfist is now considered as a tank class hero rather than a damage class hero with an increase of 450 in health. Doomfist’s ammo recovery is increased to once every 0.4s and the damage is reduced from 6 to 5 pallets. His power block allows the player to protect themselves from frontal attacks and the empowered rocket punch travels faster, and further, and deals more damage. Doomfist’s rocket punch max charge was reduced to 1s, impact damage was reduced to 15-30, and wall clam damage was reduced to 20-40. His uppercut is replaced with a vertical leap. With all these changes Doomfist has become very tough to kill. Doomfist is a little tricky hero to master as his abilities are needed to be understood to be made effective.

Overwatch 2 A-Tier Characters

The Heroes of A tier are not as powerful as S tier Heroes but there is nothing wrong with them they are great to play with and you can have a great time.

Decent DPS Characters


There were not any changes made to Genji in Overwatch 2 but the shift to 5v5 from 6v6 made it easier for heroes like Genji to navigate as fewer players mean there will lesser abilities fired off by players. Genji’s damage is quite good too so he is a very helpful and fun hero to play with.


In Overwatch 2 tracer’s damage was reduced but this does not mean she is weak now. Tracer is still one of the strongest characters in Overwatch 2. She does not have distance damage like Genji or Soldier 76 but she can be useful from supports having less cover from an off-tank.


Sombra’s role has been changed on the battlefield in Overwatch 2 she is more of an opportunist now and she is lethal to the support class. Sombra is not a player who coordinates with other characters she is more of a solo player and excels at killing the lonely heroes which makes her more reasonable to play as a solo.

Decent Tanks Characters


D.VA is the best tank hero in A tier. She can block incoming projectiles and it lasts for three seconds now instead of two meaning she can take more damage than before. D.VA can either defend her teammates or go aggressive and take space for her teammates so she is a good pick as a tank.

Decent Support Characters


Zarya is a tank class hero but her damage can be massive if she has a full charge on her weapon and with her bubbles she can save herself or her teammates who are about to die.


Ana is the best support in Tier A. She can cast a lot of healing and kill other players from range but she is a little tricky to play with if there is no tank protecting her when she is healing.

That is it for now but stay tuned as we are going to be bringing you more guides and walkthroughs on Overwatch 2. Until then, check out our other blogs for more information on the brand new game.