Overwatch was one of the most famous games and due to its popularity Blizzard decided to launch a sequel but to make it more interesting Blizzard is shutting down Overwatch which means Overwatch 2 is more of a remake of Overwatch and is a free-to-play. So far 2 beta versions have been launched and it is veracious to say that players love it. There are many positive comments on social media about the PVP, new maps, character designs, new game modes, and many more things.

Overwatch 2 New PVP Maps

In the beta and alpha versions, we have played only a few maps such as Toronto, Gothenburg, and Monte Carlo but Overwatch 2 will bring many more. The maps will be more reflective of the places they are based on. The company has teased and will let it build larger, more complex, and dynamic maps. Blizzard also upgraded the underlying game engine behind Overwatch 2. We can expect the PVP maps to be more gorgeous because they were no doubt gorgeous in alpha and beta mode, so it is okay to have your expectations higher.

The developer says it is now able to make balance changes very quickly, almost as fast as the design team can identify issues, making for a smoother experience and that this game focuses on giving players the information they need to improve, with the scoreboard giving more information and a post-match after-action report detailing how to improve next time.

Overhauling Characters Design

As Blizzard upgraded the engine it is an opportunity for them to overhaul the game and they took it. The changes were made to many heroes, they are not significant but can be noticed. Overwatch was released in 2016 and it is 2022 now technology has evolved a great deal since then, so obviously Blizzard is not going to let the opportunity to overhaul its most-played game to waste.

Blizzard said that almost all of the heroes in Overwatch 2 will have a brand-new look, featuring greater detail and higher fidelity.

New Game Modes

Overwatch 2 will have new and advanced game modes. The primary one is known as Push. Push is a fun-to-play map in which 2 teams of heroes will be formed to compete for over two robots and each of them will be pushing a barrier into the other’s territory. The robot of whichever team covers the most ground wins the match. You will find way more in-depth details while playing this mode. Except for Push, there will be many more other game modes, like some returning maps such as Control, Escort, and Hybrid. These modes are based on the player’s strategy and teamwork.

Overwatch 2 Founder’s Pack

The Overwatch 2 Founder’s pack will only be given to those players who have been stuck with Overwatch through difficult times and it is fair to those players that it will be an exclusive thing only for them. The Founder’s pack will consist of in-game cosmetics which include Doomfist and Sombra skins, an exclusive icon, and much more.

If you have owned Overwatch before June 23rd at 11 am PT then you are eligible for the Founder’s Pack. To redeem this pack just log into the game by December 5 of this year. There will also be a surprise gift, but we don’t know yet what it will feature what we can say for sure is that it will not be a battle pass because in Overwatch 2 the battle pass will not be exclusive.

Overwatch 2 MIT

It is not a very interesting topic, but competitive players will be very interested in it or the players aiming to be competitive. Overwatch 2 is providing new ways of keeping track of stats, and MIT is one of them, when I said it is not very interesting, I said it because many players were confused when they noticed it on the scoreboard.

The full form of MIT is damage mitigated. It is quite similar to the previous Overwatch’s damage-blocked stat. For a better understanding of MIT, let us say it this way it does not only counts damage that is blocked but also damages prevented by other things. According to the patch notes, abilities like Lucio’s sound barrier will be included in damage mitigation stats.

Single-Player Campaign

Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 does not provide a single-player campaign, but it will feature persistent player versus environment modes. These PVE modes will be available on the release date of the game it will get a date of its own. It seems like Blizzard has huge plans for PVE too. So far Blizzard has confirmed only two PVE modes.