Why Your NFT Project Should
Partner With ESTN

Gamify Your Community

Gamify your community with our vault box technology – Deliver your core NFTs, commemorative NFT’s, tokens as rewards/interest, special offers, giveaways, and more.

Create Your Esports Team

Invite gamers within your community to join your official Esports team on ESTN. Your project’s team will compete against other NFT project teams in a variety of popular game titles.

Earn Affiliate Revenue

ESTN offers a powerful, 2-tier referral program (10%/5%) which pays on everything purchased in the ESTN ecosystem (NFT public sale, game passes, merch store, etc.)
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Adding Real Value

Offer your community a free ESTN commemorative NFT, PLUS early access to the ESTN NFT mint event by registering for the free ESTN Vault Box.

How ESTN Works

Your Are in Good Company




So what’s the deal?

While NFT’s are all the rage these days, its becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and keep your audience’s attention. We understand the need to continuously enhance your road map, introduce new utility, and keep your community engaged.
ESTN offers NFT projects the rocket fuel needed to boost community engagement while providing true utility and gamification into your project.

How it Works

What better way to enhance your great artwork than with a cutting edge, “SmartNFT” delivery mechanism in the form of the ESTN “NFT Vault Box”? The vault box is a master NFT that behaves like a crypto wallet, capable of holding traditional NFT’s, tokens, images (such as QR codes), lottery tickets, and more.
Imagine gamifying your project by distributing your original NFT collection (or future collection) through an ESTN vault box: First, your users would be invited to come mint their free NFT vault box. Inside, they’d find the items they were promised, as well as a raffle/lottery ticket to be one of a select few who win a large prize.
Additionally, the vault box becomes your new method to communicate with your captive audience as they keep watch of their vault box to see what goodies appear in there next. You can even partner with other projects to have their special offer or NFT dropped into your users’ vault box. The possibilities are endless!

How to get started

Simply complete the short form below to tell us a bit about your project and one of our team members will reach out to schedule a strategy call.

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