Valorant is one of the most famous first-person shooter games. Some rumors are going on the internet about Valorant’s new character also known as Agent 21. We cannot exactly call them rumors because we all know how Riot games provide us with hints whenever something new is about to come in their games. Valorant’s agent 21 should arrive in Act 2 or Act 3 of episode 5 that is what we can yet figure out with the hints Riot games is providing us as we knew what Pearl was going to be before it was released. So, let’s get into the abilities, codename, and much more about Agent 21.

Name And Codename Of Agent 21

One of the most trusted Valorant data miners Valorleaks had found out that the internal production name of Agent 21 is Mage and the Patch notes 5.03 placed an in-game email by Legion’s new adviser that said the keeper of Legion’s new power has a name, Varun Batra. I ran a trace on his Alpha counterpart. Turns out he is a REALM operative, I freelanced for REALM years ago; a multinational task force recovering historical aircraft from black market trade. My first question: why does Legion need an antiquities expert?

I haven’t spoken to REALM in ages, but I will put you in touch.

We think that Agent 21 known as Varun Batra will be available in the upcoming Act.

As the background of Varun is described in the mail and at the same time if we look into the big picture then we can say as the keeper of Legion’s new power source and a part of a multinational task force that recovers historical artifacts from the black market, he could be responsible for creating bridges from Omega earth to Alpha earth.


Valorant is a very popular game so fans were quick to figure out that Varun Batra is an Indian name, so it is fair to assume that the new agent is from India. In the new teaser Riot also confirmed the agent’s origin by representing the gateway of the India monument along with Chai and Samosa chaat which are popular Indian snacks. The kicker line is Hindi which says “Jald hi milte hain” translated in English reads “see you soon.”

Agent 21’s Abilities

In the teaser image, we can see an ocean and, some water-based terminologies were used in the blog post like I don’t want to flood you, we have let this soak long enough, and blue ocean opportunity. Now, this makes it pretty clear that Agent 21 abilities will have a strong connection to water.

The name of Agent 21 is Varun Batra and in Hindusim Varuna is known as the God of oceans, this theory is the best one to believe that Agent 21 will have water-based abilities. In the practice range, we can notice a new symbol that might be connected to the new agent Varun Batra. The symbol is reminiscent of the Hamsa hand and in Hinduism, it symbolizes the five elements which are fire, water, earth, air, and ethereal. Some agents have already been linked to these elements like Sage wields the element of earth, Jett wields the element of air, Pheonix has the fire element, and Astra has ethereal.

Also, the developer confirmed that Agent 21 will be a controller and he is capable of covering large open types of areas just like Viper.

Rumored Abilities For New Valorant Agent

A screenshot of Agent 21’s abilities has been leaked and are following:

The rumored abilities are Vision taker, Tartarus Pit, Bubble, and Golem.

Vision taker: To activate/use this ability first you need to do is equip a distortion wall launcher, then fire to create a small line of distortion where ever you want to. If the enemies walk through this line of distortion they will get briefly blinded.

Tartarus Pit: To activate/use this ability first you need to do is equip a Tartarus charger, then fire to launch a crippling shot toward enemies and it will deal some damage and slow them down within its zone.

Bubble: To activate/use this ability first you need to do is equip a Bubble and place down the bubble by pressing the ability while being in a phased state. Activating it will create an impenetrable Bubble to be used as defense and bullets cannot pass through it.

Golem: To activate/use this ability first you need to do is equip the Golem Doll and fire to throw down that doll. All the teammates within the radius will get a regeneration buff while the enemies will get a decay buff. This will last for a duration until destroyed by enemies.

These are only the leaked abilities the original might differ from these as Agent 21 will have a strong water affinity.