The LoL World Championship is inarguably one of the e-sports’ biggest highlights of the year, with millions of fans tuning into live events to watch their favorite teams. With the World Championship, the 2022 e-sport season for League of Legends will be drawn to a close. This year, the World Championship travels to North America, where League’s top teams will battle it out for the ultimate prize, The Summoner’s Cup.

LoL World Championship 2022

The cancellation of LCL meant that the CIS region would not be sending their representative to Worlds 2022. Hence, Riot will grant the vacant spot to LEC. According to an official statement by Lol Esports, “LEC has had the best performance during international events over the past two years, but does not already have four team berths.”

Riot, in the last week of July, announced the venues and dates for the event. The first round Play-Ins will get the ball rolling on the 29th of September at the Arena Esports Stadium, where twelve teams will be divided into four groups, each comprising three teams. They will play a Double Round Robin format, where all matches will be played in a Best of 1. The top two teams advance onto the second round, while the last team in each group is eliminated. After that, the eight qualified teams will face each other, of which only four will move onto the Group Stages.

LoL World Championship Format

Following the Play-Ins are the Group Stages, which will be held at the Hulu Theatre at the Madison Square, starting October 7, extending until the 16th. Here, twelve teams with direct entry from different regions will join the four that have moved on from the Play-Ins. A total of sixteen teams will be divided into four groups, where they will compete in a Double Round Robin Format, with matches that will be played to a Best of 1. The top two teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs.

Again, on the 23rd of October, the Hulu Theatre will host the Playoffs, where the remaining eight teams face off in the Quarter-Finals and will play in a single elimination bracket, with matches being played to a Best of 5 this time. The four teams qualifying for the Semi-Finals will compete to determine the tournament finalists. Semis would then move south and be held at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. The Chase Centre in San Francisco has been chosen as the venue of choice for the Final, where this year’s League’s best teams will lock horns to decide who takes home the Summoner’s Cup.

The Finals, on the 5th of November, will conclude this year’s Worlds.

LOL’s tournaments are always known for their prestigious awards. Edward gaming bagged their first trophy at The Worlds 2021, where each team player was awarded a custom cut 18 karats white gold Championship ring, designed by Mercedes Benz and LoL Esports.

It will be exciting to see who bags the trophy this year, as the Worlds would bring together the best teams in the world that will give no quarter to win and will definitely look to make history and carve their names permanently in the history books for times to come.