With the growing popularity of esports, tons of people are aspiring to become professional esports players. The good news is that there are not many restrictions that people might have to face on their journey toward becoming pro esports players. Here is our complete guide on how you can become a professional esports player.

Esports 101 – Assess Your Situation 

Before you start your journey toward becoming a professional esports player, you must assess your current situation. It is important to do this because the difficulties on the path towards esports can be different for people in different situations. While it is easy for some people, it is a bit more difficult for others. 

You will also be required to spend some of your hard-earned money on professional gaming equipment. When you assess your situation and everything is in front of you, you can easily decide whether you want to start the journey or not. 

For example, let’s say that you are currently in your early teens and you have already been playing competitive video games for over three years. You are also great at the game you play and win most matches. 

The above example is an ideal situation for starting a journey towards becoming a professional esports player. If this resembles the situation you are in right now, there is absolutely no reason why you should not try to enter the world of esports.

Also, if you start your journey in your early teens, there is little to no downside. Even if things don’t pan out for you and you decide to quit, it will be relatively easy to switch careers. 

Let’s now take the example of someone in their mid-20s. Let’s say that the particular person does not have much experience under their belt either. It is not an ideal situation to start gaming. As you age, your reflexes get weaker. Also, your ability to learn skills like aiming starts to diminish.

However, it does not mean that you can not become a professional esports player if you are in a situation that resembles this one. It is just that you will have a tough time competing with younger players. There is also a lot more downside for you. 

Get An Entry Level Gaming Setup

Now that you have decided that you want to start your journey towards becoming a pro esports player, there is some essential gaming equipment that you will have to buy. Nothing fancy, all you need at this stage is an entry-level gaming setup. 

Firstly, a gaming mouse is a must. Any decent gaming mouse around 40 to 50 USD will do the trick. Next comes your PC. You need a computer that manages to push out at least over 60 FPS. A monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time is also necessary. 

Get Good At Video Games

Now that you have the tools start using them. Start playing video games for which you want to become an esports pro. With the hardware that we have mentioned above, you should be able to be quite good at video games and win most matches. You should be able to climb your way towards the highest ranks of the particular video game you are playing. 

Join A Team Or Build Your Own

The next step is to become a part of a team. It does not have to be a professional team. At this time, you need other players that are as passionate about improving and becoming pro esports players as you are. 

You must join a team because most esports games these days are team-based. If you don’t know how to communicate with your teammates and play as a team, you won’t get very far in esports. There is no need to worry if you can’t find a team. You can build your own team with some friends.

Start Uploading Gameplay Videos

So you are now a part of a team, you have a decent entry-level gaming setup, and you are good at the game you play. The next step for you is to start sharing your gameplay on the internet. In this way, you will be able to showcase your skill to the world, and you may even get in the spotlight of professional teams.

There are tons of platforms you can use. You can upload videos on YouTube. You can make a Facebook page for yourself or your team and upload videos there. Or you can live stream on Twitch.

Make Essential Upgrades

Once the word starts getting out that you are an extremely talented player, you can not afford any downfalls in your in-game performance at this point. In other words, you need to stay in the spotlight until you get recruited by a professional team. 

For this reason, it is both necessary and safe to spend some cash on high-end gaming hardware at this point. Get yourself decent gaming peripherals, a 144Hz monitor, and a gaming PC that can push out over 144 FPS. It is safe to spend all that cash now because at this point you have made tons of progress.

Compete In Tournaments

Now all that is left to do is start competing in tournaments and dominate your competition. At first, you will be overwhelmed by the skill of your opponents, but with time you will surely get better. 

As you make progress in local tournaments, you may get offers from professional teams. If this happens, you can move on to national tournaments. If you are good enough, you may get a chance to play internationally. Once you start getting paid for playing, you officially become a pro esports player. 

The bottom line is that while it is true that almost anyone from around the world can become an esports player, it requires tons of hard work and dedication. Keep on working hard and practice your skills, and you will surely reach your goals.