ESTN aims to revolutionize the esports scene with the blockchain-based tournament platform that they have developed. Their system helps solve a lot of the problems that the esports scene is currently dealing with. Here is our take on how ESTN aims to help esports investors and esports team organizers.

How Big Of A Role Did Esports Investors and Esports Team Organizers Play In The Growth Of Esports

For the longest time, it was a popular opinion that esports would never become something that hundreds of millions of people would want to watch. Not only that, but the idea of esports allowing people to make massive amounts of money was unheard of. Yet, here we are, with esports slowly taking over the entertainment industry. While a lot of this growth can be attributed to the esports community itself and the accessibility of esports, a lot of the credit goes to esports investors and esports team organizers. 

Esports investors help allocate large amounts of capital to fund esports events. As esports investors start pouring in a larger sum of money into esports events and spend a lot of money advertising, the word starts to reach out to a lot more people, which helps in attracting a larger audience and in growing the ecosystem. An example of this would be Valve allocating a larger sum of money for the prize pool to increase the hype. 

Along with esports investors and stakeholders, esports team organizers have also played a huge role in the growth of esports. Esports team organizers allowed esports to become much more professional and mature. Esports team organizers allocate funds to bring talented individuals together and nourish them so they can take their skills to the next level. Esports team organizers help esports pros in paying their bills so they can keep on playing as esports pros. 

The bottom line is that esports would not have become the massive behemoth it is today if it wasn’t for esports investors and esports team organizers. They helped esports become much more mainstream. They helped a lot in the transformation of esports from just a hobby to a profession. 

How Esports Investors and Esports Team Organizers Generate Revenue

Since esports investors, stakeholders, and esports team organizers helped a ton in the growth and popularization of esports, they also benefit quite a lot from it. It is also necessary for this whole ecosystem to generate value and be profitable. If a reasonable amount of value is not being generated, all of that growth will not be sustainable. 

But how do esports investors and esports team organizers make money? Firstly, esports investors are the main stakeholders of the whole ecosystem. For example, Valve makes money through sales of in-game cosmetic items for Dota 2. Also, if an esports event organizer has hosted an esports event, they can make money through brand deals and sponsorships. 

Esports team organizers mainly make money from sponsorships and merchandise sales. When a team has talented players that win a lot of matches, they naturally attract a huge fanbase that buys merchandise to express their love for the team. Also, as the team wins more matches and gets to be in front of millions of eyes, tons of sponsorship opportunities start to come up. 

How ESTN Helps Esports Team Organizers

One of the biggest problems that esports team organizers deal with is finding talented players. There are a lot of talented players out there who can do really well in the esports industry if they are provided with the right tools and are supported financially. 

Esports team organizers are the ones who provide the right tools and financial support to aspiring pro players. However, before esports team organizers can recruit players, they have to take a look at their gaming performance, which requires a lot of time and causes esports team organizers to miss out on tons of talented players. 

ESTN aims to solve precisely that problem. ESTN has introduced a revolutionary system for accurately determining the skill level of an esports player. The UPR or universal player ranking system ranks players based on several factors. This performance data is stored on the blockchain, which ensures that all the results are accurate and free of tampering. What this means for esports team organizers is that they will have to spend much less time finding talented individuals.

What New Opportunities Does ESTN Open For Esports Investors

While becoming an esports investor might seem like an attractive idea, it is not that feasible for the average person. Huge organizations have no problem spending millions of dollars on promotions and large-scale events, but a person that has not a lot of money to spend might not be able to do that. 

This is another area in which ESTN aims to make improvements. ESTN has opened a new opportunity for generating revenue through esports. ESTN allows people to own and control “seats” and become Delegated Seat Owners or DSOs by paying a licensing fee to ESTN. DSOs get to keep 20% of all tournament prize pools proportionate to their seats owned on top of the rewards from the DSO staking pool. 

You might be wondering, how is this sustainable? Well, ESTN can generate revenue through sponsorships, merchandise, and “seat fees” that players have to pay to secure the rights to one of a limited number of available “seats.” This develops an ecosystem that is a win-win for the DSOs, the players that receive rewards by performing well in tournaments, and sponsors. 

Final Thoughts

ESTN is all set to open new and efficient ways for esports investors to generate revenue and for esports team organizers to have a much easier time finding talented gamers. With the use of blockchain technology to revolutionize the esports industry, ESTN has big things planned, and we can’t wait to see all of that in action.