You might have seen several claims on the internet of professional esports players making tons of money and becoming really rich. However, have you ever thought about where all that money actually comes from? If the money is landing in the pockets of esports players, it must have come out of someone’s pocket? 

The thing is, we have come a long way with the esports scene. While there were not many opportunities for esports players for getting paid, there are a ton of them now. Here we will be discussing all the ways that esports players get paid and how ESTN aims to open even more and better opportunities. 

Prize Money In Esports

The first thing that comes to mind when we start thinking about how esports players get paid is prize money. It all started with the most basic of esports competitions. Local teams enter a competition by paying some entry fees, spectators come to see the competition by paying a small ticket fee, and the money is combined to fund the competition and give prize money to the winning team.  

Esports tournaments these days work in a similar way. What has changed now is that esports teams usually are not required to pay any entry fees, and sponsors pay large sums of money to advertise their brands in front of the thousands of spectators that come to see the tournament. 

While this may seem like a great way for making money through esports, it is not a reliable way. The main reason for this is that there is only one winner in a tournament, and at best there are only two more positions that can get some money from the prize pool. 

Team Organizers

As we have already mentioned, we have come a long way with the esports scene. While for the longest time, prize money was the only way that esports players got paid, that is no longer the case. Large organizations have started to enter the world of esports. These organizations create teams, gather talented players to play for their teams, and pay them to do so. In other words, a whole new method for getting paid started to emerge for esports players. 

However, for those organizations to be able to pay their players some money, they must make money themselves as well. Well, they actually do make money, and here are some of the most common ways for that.


The main way that team organizers make money is through sponsors. Since all the players in their teams get to play in front of thousands of people, sponsors usually line up so they can get their brand names in front of those people. 


Another way that team organizers make money is by selling merchandise. When teams perform well, they manage to acquire tons of popularity and a fan base. These fans want ways to express their love for their favorite teams. To do that, esports fans buy merchandise for their favorite teams like T-shirts, etc.

Streaming Platforms

Another more popular method for making money as an esports player that has been gaining tons of traction in recent years is live streaming. Esports players that are good or have a large audience play video games, and they stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. These platforms then pay these live streamers according to how many viewers they manage to attract.

The best part about live streaming is that esports players may even get sponsorships without the need of their team organizers. The sponsors can contact the streamers directly and make a deal with them. However, that’s not all. If a team allows their players to start live streaming, they can create a much more massive audience that can buy merchandise. While the team organizers won’t directly be taking the streaming revenue, they will be banking on the audience that the players manage to build. So live streaming is a win-win situation.

ESTN – Opening New Opportunities For Esports Players

While all those ways of making money as an esports player may sound great, getting to a point where you can make enough money to support yourself is quite a difficult journey. The main reason for this is that people that can support talented esports players never get a chance to see them in action. There are tons of aspiring esports players, and esports organizations can only look out for soo many of them.

This is where ESTN comes into play. ESTN uses blockchain technology to develop a ranking system that ranks all players based on tons of different skill metrics, like their performance in a particular match, their performance against particular skill level opponents, and more. This system is called the UPR or the Universal Player Ranking system. 

The best part about this system is that it uses blockchain technology which means that the rank that a player receives based on their performance will be fair and unaltered. In other words, no single person will be able to change the rank of a particular player. 

What this means for esports players is that esports organizers will have a much easier time finding talented players. Since a player’s UPR will be ranked across a wide spectrum of players, the UPR will accurately represent the skill level, based on which esports team organizers can decide whether or not to recruit them and consequently start paying them. Since no one can change the UPR because it uses blockchain technology, esports organizers can trust the system to be completely true. 

This opens up tons of new opportunities for aspiring esports players. One of the biggest problems that aspiring esports players face is that they start working on their passion while they are in school or college. With the help of the UPR system, colleges or schools can offer scholarships based on a student’s UPR, just as talented students are offered sports scholarships. 

This is just one example of the ways ESTN can help aspiring esports players extract value from the talent they possess. ESTN is all set to revolutionize the esports scene. ESTN aims to solve the core problems with the esports scene and take it to never before seen heights.