Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESTN in a nutshell?
ESTN has revolutionized the Esports industry by creating a global, blockchain-based platform incorporating real-world gamers, NFT ``seat owners``, and franchise owners, with a powerful metaverse that pays big dividends to all participants.
What is a UPR Score in Esports?
The ``Universal Player Ranking`` is the new global standard in gamer ranking. ESTN has incorporated over 30 of the most important factors of game play and skill to create the ultimate standard by which gamers are measured. Gamers can establish and grow their UPR by participating in tournaments hosted on the ESTN platform.
How do I participate on ESTN as a gamer?
Gamers can play in tournaments hosted on ESTN and earn BIG on prize pools ranging from $20,000 up to a staggering $1M.
How do I earn rewards/cash as a DSO?
NFT Seat Owners actually earn multiple ways within the ESTN ecosystem:

1) 20% of Prize Pools - As gamers use your owned seats during real-world tournaments, DSO's earn 20% of each tournament prize pool.

2) Earn residual income monthly by depositing your NFTs in the DSO staking pool.

3) DSO's can choose to sell/liquidate their seat NFTs at any time either on the open market (OpenSea, etc) or by selling their seats back to the platform in exchange for ESTN tokens.

What is an NFT?
``Non Fungible Tokens`` are all the rage right now, exploding to the #1 category within crypto/blockchain. Unlike traditional crypto tokens which all have the same value, each NFT is unique and tradable on any of the major NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and others.

ESTN has chosen to sell its virtual seats as NFTs which unlocks powerful income-earning capabilities for the holders.