The world is changing at a rapid pace. Blockchain gaming and NFT technology are taking over the world by storm. Blockchain technology is being adopted at a rate never before seen for any technology. Everyone is hopping on this train, and those who aren’t will miss out on something great. 

ESTN aims to revolutionize the world of ESports with the help of blockchain technology. ESTN is all set to make a big dent in the gaming industry because their technology is ready and already in LIVE BETA. Here is a detailed explanation of how ESTN is planning on doing that.

Gaming and ESports – A Brief Introduction

Over the years, the video game industry has grown a lot. There is a simple reason for this, which is convenience. In 2022, almost everyone has a computer or any other device that can run video games and an internet connection. It is super easy to get into gaming. Not only that, but gaming is super enjoyable as well.

With gaming being super popular and promoting so much competition with competitive video games, it was only a matter of time before a professional sports scene would emerge. This is exactly what happened, and soon ESposts became the juggernaut that it is now. 

Issues With Gaming and ESports

With the rise of blockchain technology and decentralization, a flaw of gaming has come to light. Gaming only rewards the developers and publishers. Gamers play the game, spend time on it, and add value. However, gamers get almost nothing in return for the time they spend.

A similar issue can be seen in the ESports scene. Fans that add to the viewership of the events get nothing. Also, aspiring pro players that want to enter the world of ESports are forced to give up on their dreams because their talent or skill never got noticed by sponsors. It is not the fault of sponsors either. They are always on the lookout for talented players. But because of time limitations, they miss out on a huge chunk of talent.  

How NFT Gaming Aims to Fix These Issues

With NFT Gaming and blockchain video games, it is the first time in history that gamers are finally able to get something valuable in return for the tons of hours they spend on video games. NFT gaming promises to revolutionize the world of gaming with video games that reward gamers for playing them. Just imagine, you are playing one of your favorite video games and paying the bills at the same time.

ESTN – The Ultimate ESports Solution

As discussed, the main problem with ESports is that talented players never get a chance to make it because there is no clear way to identify and nurture them. There is no stable income source for these aspiring gamers either. This makes it even harder for them to keep on struggling. 

The ESTN platform aims to solve the ESports problem, and it seems quite promising. ESTN uses a transparent, verifiable, unalterable way to track, rank, and reward the performance of semi-pro or talented amateur players. All this with the help of blockchain technology. 

ESTN provides gamers with a platform where they can compete. ESTN also tracks their performance across multiple games and multiple leagues. The ESTN system encourages gamers to engage in these competitions with financial incentives. It also encourages third parties to sponsor these competitions. Lastly, ESTN allows easy integration with popular streaming platforms. 

How does blockchain fit into all this? Well, the performance of all players is tracked and recorded on the blockchain. So, the performance score will be completely transparent, free of tamper, and fair. 

The economy of the ESTN platform is based on ESTN credits and ESTN tokens. As gamers play more and more games, they earn ESTN credits, which they can exchange for ESTN tokens. There are a lot of other valuable use cases for both ESTN credits and ESTN tokens inside the ESTN ecosystem.

Finally, the ESTN platform also includes NFTs that will act as rights to seats in a tournament. In other words, the person who owns an NFT will literally own a seat in the tournament. This will open up a world of possibilities to benefit everyone that is a part of the ESTN ecosystem.