Robert Raff

Warning: Some of this may sound super impressive, but Robert assured me that 70% of the time he had no idea what he was doing.

In his early years he started out working for a small photography outfit which allowed him to travel the country and get paid for taking photographs of pretty women. (pretty good gig if you ask me) After many years of grinding on the road he grew tired of not having a home base. He ended up stumbling into the financial industry and started working with a small local company called Boulder Financial. He helped grow that company to what the world knows today as Quicken Loans (Rocket Mortgage).

Growing up in a family of all entrepreneurs, he wasn’t satisfied building someone else vision and dreams. He ended up going off on his own at the young age of 22 and ended up covering a lot of ground in the real estate and mortgage industry. Along his journey, he was alway developing software applications for his companies realized that was his true passion and started to make technology more his focus. As his mortgage company grew and serving over 4500 employees and independent contractors he needed a figure out a way to police remote loan officers which were scattered across the country with no supervision.

Because he was blazing a new path in an old industry there wasn’t an off the shelf software to handle this. Robert had no choice but to start developing a web application (Compliance Portal) to help solve the complicated compliance issues for his company. With in about 6 months the application was deployed and deployed throughout his company. A few months later it was being talked about by all the industry insiders. Next thing you know he had hundreds of different brokerages paying to use his application. In 2007 Robert took a healthy buy-out from his partners and went on a 5 year hiatus focusing on being a father and raising his kids, traveling, and basically being a beach bum.

After 5 years of missing the grind, Robert found his way into the information and data monetization industry which he is still serving a 20+ year sentence. While his currently companies Direct Aim & The Agency Network are not recognizable names (which he prefers) make no mistake, they pack a hefty punch. They are responsible for sending out billions emails a month. Most of his business is done through private-label partnerships with large multi-media companies and direct tier 1 contracts with automotive manufactures. His company also currently maintains one of the most robust Consumer Identity Graphs which manages over 6 billion data points on everyone marketable adult in the USA. They specialize in building in-market custom audiences for, demand side platforms, agencies, and individual marketers around the world. Personal Highlights * Founded First National Mortgage * Created the first 100% Commission “Net-Branch” concept. * Held Correspondent Lender licenses in 43 states. * Creator / Co-Founded of The Equity Network (TEN). * Consistently funded over a $1B a month in mortgage loan volume. * Co-Founder of National Real Estate Group (NRG) * Co-Owner of TriUnion Title, a National Title Company underwritten by both First American & Stewart Insurance. * He has worked directly with most of the fortune 100 companies, all names you know, ware, eat, drink, and drive. * His networking ability is what he states is his #1 super power. * He has extensive experience in blockchain and in the ICO market.

*Raised $45 millions of BTC in 72 hours * Has launched others successful ICO’s, developed full Blockchains, and DeFi Protocols. Robert states he is not a gamer, but more so a visionary and problem solver. He does however, insists that he hold the world heavy weight championship title for Galaga and will absolutely destroy anyone that wants a shot at the title. In Roberts spare time he obviously loves talking about himself in the third person