Robert Lindsley

With more than three decades of experience and more than 80 SKUs shipped, Robert Lindsley is a mobile and console game executive who is a true veteran of the video game industry. Robert has created countless high-profile mobile, PC and console products, working with top-tier brands such as Rock Band, Ghostbusters, Spongebob SquarePants, Angry Birds, Two Dots, Tetris, Pac Man, Scrabble, Monopoly, and the Atari Classics. Since Robert’s career began he has been on the leading edge of video games. He continue to work on the most innovative platforms from eSports, crypto, VR and mobile to PC, consoles, and handhelds. He has created both software and hardware; been responsible for the end-to-end production and live operations of mobile, console, and web products; and has constructed the foundational logic and business models for free-to-play, downloadable, real-money gaming experiences, and social networks. He has analyzed market spaces, worked with countless brands, and taken retail products to Walmart, GameStop, and Target.