Luke Brue

I come from the Esports world with a background in sales. My first time at Esports Arena, the original space in Santa Ana CA, I was able to not only play against my favorite professional at the time but also win the tournament that granted me access to a $25,000 Invitational for Hearthstone. This experience alone proved to me that this is where I belonged and I couldn’t wait to apply my knowledge and ideas to this new industry.

Esports Arena represents everything that is missing in the gaming community and allows the community to take full control of what exactly they want to see.

I coordinate events/programs that help communicate the lifestyle, values, and goals of my own demographic, gamers, to brands. The events we hold create an invaluable experience combining community, competition, and the love of gaming across all gaming platforms.

Right now we work with some of the largest and most dedicated brands in the world and we are always looking for new partners to continue growing with in this booming scene.