Joe Karns

Joseph is a serial entrepreneur leveraging over 20 years of business experience in finance and digital startups. With a proven track record of success in fields ranging from institutional banking to digital media and big data, Joseph has a unique ability to bring together the key players necessary to achieve an organization’s vision. In a 2014 venture involving a startup publisher website, Joseph took that company from near-zero revenue to an astounding 10M visitors/month and over $50K/mo net revenue within just three months, then exited 2 years later at a 20X profit. More recently in 2020, Joseph partnered with a real estate startup to generate over $30M in capital raise, driven largely in part from orchestrating and managing over $2.5M in digital ad spend.

In 2020, Joseph co-founded the blockchain-based Swapp decentralized finance platform, bringing a wealth of experience in blockchain technology and the larger crypto ecosystem. Joseph’s hands-on experience in crypto dates back to 2012 as a BTC mining enthusiast, building and programming Bitcoin mining rigs from scratch. Fast forward through the last decade of the crypto space evolving and break-neck speed, all the while Joseph staying on the forefront of blockchain technology; always focusing on that next use case on the cusp of mass adoption in order to capitalize.

Joseph also serves as Co-Founder HUSdigital, a leading data monetization provider based in Del Ray Beach, FL. Together with Co-Founder, Richard Paul Hus, HUSdigital has achieved powerful data partnerships with leading publisher websites, SAAS companies, and other high-volume players. HUSdigital has quickly built one of the largest identity graphs in the world aggregating over 20B online behaviors per day and leveraging partnerships including LiveRamp, Nielsen, Lotame, Adobe Audience, and more.