Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson has been in the games industry since it began. He wrote his first game in 1984, a text based adventure called Quintown. He taught classes in computer science at Lee College in Baytown before moving on to Texas State and graduating in 1990. He then joined Chris Roberts at Origin Systems to work on the seminal Wing Commander franchise.

Eric left Origin with Chris Roberts in 1995 as a founder of the studio Digital Anvil. He oversaw the making of the hit video game Starlancer, and managed teams in both Austin and Manchester, England during the making of that game. Starlancer was a flagship title in Microsoft’s game publishing history and along with Age of Empires, established them as a player in the industry.

Eric then established Fever Pitch Studios as Founder and CEO and completed an RTS called Conquest Frontier Wars for global giant Ubisoft. The game won several awards for best RTS of the year and was widely considered an evolution in RTS gaming.

Chris Roberts again enlisted Eric’s skills and they started Cloud Imperium Games, to develop the crowd-funded phenomenon Star Citizen. Eric was responsible for the highly successful Kickstarter campaign and oversaw the entire development project. Originator of the stunning marketing, development and planning for the roadmap and execution of Star Citizen. This directly led to multiple new initiatives in crowd funding which changed the way that games were funded & developed across the entire industry.

After a successful stint at CIG, Eric broke off to start his own company called Descendent Studios and reboot the popular 1990s hit game Descent. Once again Eric ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund this endeavor. Eric completed the development of the game, and the release date is forthcoming.

Eric is widely known as a crowdfunding expert, and a creator of AAA game experiences. In more than 30 years in the industry, he has changed the ways games are funded, and pushed the boundaries of gameplay in many of the recognized genres. Every game Eric has touched has consistently scored highly on the games Meta Critic platform, excellence in all areas is recognized as standard on his products.

Eric has also negotiated several deals with Microsoft, Ubisoft, Valve, GOG, American Micro Devices (AMD), Warthog, BHVR, Razor and many other quality companies which have led to successful partnerships throughout the video game landscape.

Currently Eric is President of Corgee Inc. a software project management solution for outsourced development teams, and consulting with ESTN and their exciting new eSports platform for creating the next generation of Web3 game experiences.