There is wealthy weaponry in PUBG, and you may find them all dispersed throughout and sometimes in the most unexpected places. It can be challenging to choose which weapons in PUBG you are most comfortable using and which ones you don’t care for. Additionally, each battle only allows you to train with a certain number of weapons. It’s an overwhelming game in this aspect for novice players as well as veterans of the game.

The Best Weapons In PUBG

The good news is that we’ve already done the homework for you if you’re looking for a guide to the game’s top weaponry. The top weapons in PUBG are all listed on this page, organized into useful categories so you can jump right to the one you’re most interested in. It’s worth noting that the guide is updated to the latest game additions to prevent inaccuracy in the guideline.

Best Pistols In PUBG


Currently the best pistol in the game the Skorpion is a hard hitter. It resembles a pocket SMG and can take out adversaries at close range. The only downside would be its inability to accept quickdraw or extended quickdraw magazines. This makes it reload time a little lengthier than we’d like and you won’t get the luxury of another trigger pull or two. These are small prices to pay for a pistol that can effectively substitute for an SMG.


Another excellent handgun that fires in full auto mode is the P18C. This makes it incredibly effective at mowing down targets up close, especially early on in the game when players are less likely to be wearing body armor or helmets and they are all making their way to the same hotspots. The P18C isn’t great at long range, like any pistol you can use in the game, but if you can manage its fierce recoil, this sidearm will prove to be your ideal ally on the battlefield.



This weapon has an extraordinarily crazy fire rate and can easily destroy an enemy in a matter of seconds. Holding down the trigger makes controlling it quite simply as well. However, Vector’s comparatively small 13-shot magazine, which runs out a touch too quickly, is the sole drawback. It also doesn’t provide any room for missed shots if you unintentionally run into an enemy.

Micro UZI

This pistol has undergone numerous revisions since its release with the option of attaching an iron sight to it. One of its biggest flaws was a horrible iron sight that made locating enemies extremely challenging. Now, it’s considerably simpler to see what you’re aiming at and to quickly pelt it with an absurd number of bullets.

Best Shotguns In PUBG


The double-barreled S686 can be a powerful weapon in solo games. Your opponents have no chance if you nail both of your close-range shots, but you will lose the battle if you come across a group of people. When employing this, you must have confidence because a single missed shot might be disastrous.


Despite being a shotgun, it fires at an absurdly high rate, and the amount of damage it deals with makes it one of the best choices to use as a shotgun. However, because it has a shorter range than its rivals, this primarily is effective in populous regions or locations with structures.

Best Assault Rifles In PUBG


There isn’t much that can compete with an M4 in the majority of scenarios when it is fully equipped with attachments. It can cause significant damage and has some of the simplest recoil controls for people who like to spray. Although it doesn’t have a great range, it is still one of the best all-around guns available and is undoubtedly superior to many other options. An M416 should be at the top of your wish list if you have its attachments


There is no denying that the SCAR is a highly contentious firearm, but that it excels in saturating adversaries at close to medium range. It may not be as effective as the M16 or AKM as a single-fire weapon, but if you prefer auto fire and an M416 is not nearby, this is a good option for you. Choosing one weapon over many others is always a smart move in the current meta of running double AR.

Best Snipers In PUBG


The Kar98k is by far the best common sniper rifle in terms of sheer damage, but because it uses a bolt action, it takes a lot of practice and adjustment to hit multiple targets in a row. It is still incredibly useful since if you can land headshots, you can take out anyone wearing a level one or two helmets in one shot. The Kar98k becomes one of the game’s best weapons and is highly lethal with a good scope.

Mini 14

The Mini 14 is without a doubt the best sniper in terms of all-around weaponry. With a good sight, it can provide long-range damage, but it can also be used up close if necessary. This is made possible by the quick-fire rates (if you have a good trigger finger). Although the damage isn’t particularly high, you should have no trouble making a few consecutive hits. If you don’t already have a Kar98k or a sniper from an airdrop, you should always look to take the Mini because it is a deadly sniper.

Here were the list of the best weapons in PUBG arranged according to their specific weapon type. Be sure to check out all the weapons so that you can easily sort out the best ones for your loadout.