The new Fortnite season has begun, and with it, a variety of brand-new weapons and gear for players to test out and utilize against rivals. The “greatest weapons” in the game have been altered by Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3’s revamped prize pool and new arsenal.

The Best Weapons In Fortnite 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the top Fortnite weapons that should enable you to obtain the coveted Victory Crown by considering game statistics, user reviews, and individual player experiences.

Striker Burst Rifle

You won’t want to miss out on using this new Chapter 3 Season 3 weapon, which is the ideal substitute for the MK-Seven Assault Rifle on our list of the best Fortnite weapons. It’s a semi-automatic two-shot weapon that hits hard with each shot. It also uses the scope when aiming, just like the MK-Seven, if you’re concerned about missing these shots. This should improve precision at a range where this weapon performs best.

However, some people may not prefer it due to its burst firing, which increases the gun’s recoil, making the crosshair’s placement an issue. We recommend this gun for users who are adjusted to burst to fire.

Auto Shotgun

The Auto Shotgun is still our favored weapon in the Shotgun Class. Although it is swift and effective, you should be aware that after your magazine is empty, the reload speed takes some time to catch up. This gun is effective in close combat situations but the accuracy of shots taken matters a lot with it due to its less magazine.

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle):

Fortnite’s new DMR, which sits in between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, offers a deadly and precise alternative for medium-range combat. Except for the thermal scope, this new rifle has a shooting style that is exceptionally similar to thermal. No matter how uncommon, the firearm uses sniper ammunition and has a 10-bullet magazine. With the lowest rarity taking 2.75 seconds and the greatest rarity taking 2.25 seconds, there isn’t much of a difference in the DMR’s reload time between grey and gold variants. Players can only deal a maximum of 55 damage to the body, whereas the Fortnite DMR can deal up to 90.75 damage to the head.

Two-Gun Shotgun

The Two-Shot Shotgun is currently taking center stage as the cherished Drum Shotgun is temporarily vaulted. True to its name, this shotgun can fire two bursts of tremendous damage that can quickly dispatch nearby adversaries. The damage dealt by the weapon ranges from 54 to 69 on each hit, while the damage from a headshot is between 94.5 and 120.75. If two headshots are delivered consecutively with this weapon, an opposing player may be knocked. With its two strong blasts, this new weapon appears to share many characteristics with the double-barrel shotgun. Despite the gun’s eight-bullet magazine, it will take some time for players to be able to reload the weapon after a double shot.

Combat SMG

This weapon is for you if you desire a quick-firing SMG that deals respectable damage up close. It is relatively simple to locate and has a high damage output per second. But keep in mind that the significant damage and fire rate do come at a heavy recoil price. Consider utilizing another SMG if you don’t have a sizable mousepad before using this one. However, with the high fire rate and DPS, it is an excellent option for close to medium combat.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

This gun is presently the best one available in Fortnite if you can shoot somewhat well. Depending on rarity, it has high damage shots that deal 120–132 damage to the body and 180–198 damage to the head. Due to the ridiculously high structure damage, if you have an enemy hiding in his structures or a house, one blast from a deadly weapon will completely destroy whatever structure it strikes. This can be used to surprise adversaries and is effective in a sudden encounter with enemies.

Hammer Assault Rifle

The Hammer Assault Rifle is considered the most potent all-around weapon in the game because it excels at mid-range fighting while still performing well in close- and long-range combat. If the player has the option to switch to another weapon, they ought to do so. Bursts of fire or tap-firing single shots can increase overall effectiveness throughout longer sightlines because continuous fire can make the weapon’s degree of spread severe, primarily when used in combination with strafing. Due to its precision and respectable rate of fire, this weapon is best useful at a medium range. However, its slow firing rate can prove to be deadly in fast-paced combats; hence we recommend using a different gun in such scenarios.

Here is a list of the top Fortnite Weapons. Check out every weapon to make it easier for you to choose the ideal ones for your loadout.