To keep Apex interesting, Respawn puts a lot of effort into providing new content each season. Every season, new legends are added, indicating that Respawn is actively planning fresh material and a larger legend pool for its gamers.

The Best Legends in Apex Legends 2022

Who among the several characters in Apex Legends is the finest Legend? There are now 21 options available making it challenging for new arrivals to determine which legend is the best for them. Here are our recommendations for the top legends you can utilize in the game, based on the most recent changes, to make it easy for you guys.


Wraith has unquestionably been one of the top Legends in each season since the debut of Apex Legends. This is mostly a result of her capacity to disrupt the battlefield with her skills. She continues to be a popular choice for Legends across all ability levels. While none of Wraith’s skills are specifically attack-oriented, she excels at saving your life if you go too far, letting you play aggressively while also providing an easy escape in tough situations.


  • Voices from the Void: You hear a voice when danger is nearby. You can tell that it is in your favor.
  • Into the Void: Reposition fast while remaining damage-free in the void region.
  • Dimensional Rift: The ability allows you to connect two places via portals that anyone can utilize.

Wraith frequently sneaks into the backlines or tries to flank her opponents with her tactical ability, “Into the Void,” if you and your squad are engaged in team combat. This gives Wraith the ability to appear to take no damage while gaining an advantage over the foes you are combating.


Similar to Wraith, Bloodhound frequently ranks among the most well-liked legends in Apex and maintains a high pick rate. Their squad can greatly benefit from the wealth of knowledge included in their gear. Bloodhounds ultimate also offers them increased movement speed, which comes in handy when you’re pursuing an enemy unit. Bloodhound is a fantastic recon legend when it comes to detecting hostiles in tight spots.


  • Tracker (Passive): See the footprints your adversaries have left behind.
  • Eye of the All-Father: Reveal adversaries, traps, and hints in structures in front of you in a brief manner
  • Beast of the Hunt: Enhances your senses, enabling you to move more quickly and drawing attention to your target.

Despite being at the top of the heap, Bloodhound hasn’t undergone any significant changes in a few seasons, and they still play well balanced. When it comes to assembling teams and spying on adversaries, they are still as formidable as ever.


Ash, a beloved antagonist from Titanfall 2, has abandoned the Apex Legends Arenas to pursue personal victory. Despite being in only her second season, she is undoubtedly one of our top choices. Ash is a remarkably adaptable legend that can give her squad intelligence, take out single targets, and help her whisk her team out of any uncomfortable circumstances.

She’s seen a good amount of professional play since her release thanks to the many arrows at her disposal, particularly when coupled with Valkyrie for swift movement.


  • Marked for Death (Passive): The locations of recent death boxes can be seen on Ash’s map. Use a death box to identify surviving assailants (once per box).
  • Arc Snare (Tactical): Inflict damage and tethering with a spinning snare on the first adversary to approach.
  • Phase Breach (Ultimate): Open a one-way gateway to the desired area by tearing it open.

Ash’s passiveness might be her best quality. Her data knife gives her rapid access to spots on the enemy team, which is more recon intel than other recon legends receive (looking at you, Crypto).

Arc Snare, her tactical, is undoubtedly the weakest component of her arsenal, but that doesn’t make it bad. Even so, it’s a powerful tool that can aid you in close-quarters combat or make your adversary more amenable to pressure. Oh, and with Ash, you also receive a super nice ronin sword.


Due to his over-tuned stats, Season 10’s new legend was unquestionably S-tier when he first appeared. Seer, which competes with Bloodhound, focuses on identifying adversaries. This is taken into account in all three of his skills. Seer’s passive ability to hear enemy heartbeats when looking through a weapon’s sights is very impressive. His ultimate also sends out a massive dome of his micro-drones, and all enemies inside will be illuminated for Seer to, well, see whether they are moving or using weapons.


  • Heart Seeker (Passive): When pointing down sights, you may feel and see the heartbeats of your opponents.
  • Focus of Attention (Tactical): Invite microdrones to launch a delayed blast through walls that disrupts and reveals foes.
  • Exhibit (Ultimate): Make a sphere of tiny drones that can be used to locate opponents that are moving or firing inside.

Seer was obscenely powerful at launch, but Respawn has now slightly adjusted him down. Even if Seer’s pick rate has since decreased, he is still a very useful pick.

So there you go. You now have access to our Best Legends in Apex Season 13. Make sure to observe all the listed legends to determine the most suitable one for you.