Activision’s only battle royale Warzone has been set to dominate the FPS gaming industry. However, the optimization of the game has not been up to the standards causing a great deal of trouble to low spec-ed Gamers.

Fear not, for we have come up with the best graphical settings which will enable users to have a lag-free in-game experience giving them dominance over competitors.

The Best Settings For Call of Duty Warzone

The settings recommend below solely aim to provide maximum FPS along with trouble-free gameplay to improve the overall experience for gamers. The settings are up-to-date in accordance with Warzone’s latest Season 3.

Before moving into the video settings make sure you have updated your graphics drivers to their latest versions. This prevents game crashing and provides additional compatibility to all the latest AAA titles.

If you have an Nvidia Graphics Card follow the steps below:

  • Download GeForce Experience from the link given and head on to the Drivers section where after following a few guided steps your drivers would be updated

warzone settings

For AMD users we suggest following such steps:

  • Head over to AMD Adrenaline Software and then click on the Settings option. An option of “Check for Updates” will be present which is used to check for the latest drivers. Simply click on it and the drivers would automatically be updated.

Windows Settings

To obtain an exquisite experience in-game players must check some of their Windows settings and adjust them to allow maximum performance.

Head on to the Settings App on Windows and type “Graphics Settings” on the search bar. The interface will show the “Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling” setting which must be turned on.

What it does is that it not only reduces in-game latency but it also optimizes the performance of the Graphics Card resulting in improved performance and faster image processing.

In-Game Warzone Settings

Warzone has provided players with a variety of graphical settings with the aim of lettings players adjust the settings according to their personal preferences. The recommended settings below are according to Warzone’s latest updates and provide an effective guide for gamers.

Head over to the Graphics settings in Warzone where you will find different settings to adjust.

The first setting is “Display Mode” which is an immensely important setting for FPS games. This setting should be set at “Fullscreen” to take complete benefit of the monitor players are using.

Moving down comes to the “Render Resolution” and “Screen Refresh Rate” which are dependent upon the screen players are using. We suggest taking a look at the monitor specs and then adjusting it accordingly.

Upon the Advanced Settings comes the most important part of this guide. These settings are primarily for adjusting the textures, colors, and overall graphical content of the game.

“Dynamic Resolution” is used to provide an improved picture quality with its focus on improving textures. This setting should be disabled and should only be enabled in cases where textures are a priority to performance.

Next comes up the “V-Sync” and “Custom Framelimit” setting which is primarily used to adjust the FPS (Frames Per Second) players are getting-Sync” should be disabled and the “Custom Framelimit” setting should be turned to Unlimited to provide maximum FPS for a smoother experience

Head on to the Quality Tab and then adjust a few settings to maximize the Field of View and the content that you see.

The “Field of View” should be turned to the maximum which is 120.0. This allows players to view the maximum surroundings possible to strategize accordingly. The “ADS Field of View” must be turned to “Affected “.

Next comes the “Details & Textures” section which is entirely based on the in-game textures. There is a list of settings players can adjust according to their PC specifications and personal preferences. We recommend these settings for maximum performance.


    • Streaming Quality                            Low
    • Texture Resolution                           Normal
    • Texture Filter Anisotropic                 Low
    • Particle Quality                                Low
    • Bullet Impacts & Spray                    Enabled
    • Tessellation                                     Disabled
    • Dismemberment & Gore Effect       Enabled
    • On-demand Texture Streaming       Disabled

Here is an example of what your “Details & Textures” settings should look like:

Heading over to “Post Processing Effects”. This section of the graphical settings is dependent upon the Graphics Card players are using. However, for optimal gameplay we recommend settings as adjusted below:

Last but not least comes the “Shadow & Lightning” section. These settings focus on the visual gameplay hence they are important for spotting/observing hostiles. We suggest using these settings to have an edge over your competitors:

So, there you have it, folks! These were Warzone’s best settings to provide a well-balanced and suitable gameplay for all sorts of targeted audiences. Not only do these video settings help to trace hostiles but they also provide ambient textures making them a well-balanced option for all gamers.