The meta has changed as Valorant evolved into a genuine competitive tactical shooter. Finding the proper agent for you and your squad is more difficult than ever with so many new agents to choose from. With each update to the game, whether it is updated or changing community trends, the strength of agents and weapons changes making it difficult for new arrivals to determine the best options for them.

The Best Agents In Valorant 2022

We have developed a list of the top agents you could select based on the current meta and loot pool to help you make the best choice.


Jett has become a go-to choice in the meta since the debut of VALORANT, whether in competitive settings or solo queues. She possesses all the skills necessary to be a competent duelist in addition to being the agent with the greatest degree of mobility in the game.

She is the perfect choice for players who prefer to make decisive plays rather than remain on the bench and support the squad. Her skills enable her to access uncommon areas on the maps and engage in vertical play, which is a key component of the newest map, Icebox. With her smokes, she also provides some usefulness. Another method she may make clutch plays is through her passive, which enables her to hover after a jump. Jett is a lot of fun to play, but it can be challenging to maximize her abilities. Even though she can be murdered with the slightest error, Jett is most effective in dangerous situations.


Because of his versatility, Sova is a valued agent in both rated and unrated matches. He is a dynamic agent who can be chosen for practically any circumstance and playstyle. As soon as the game begins, his Recon Bolt can be used to disclose every enemy within the sonar’s range and can tell when an enemy is assaulting. Additionally, his three charges of his ultimate deal enormous damage at a distance and may wipe out a whole team when they are caught in a choke position.

He is by far the best intelligence gatherer in the game, but mastering the use of his skills takes practice. We advise players to look at the various guides so they can get a better concept of how to use the agent.


After some adjustments, Viper has climbed the ranks and is now getting more and more online gameplay. On the majority of Valorant maps, she can quickly lock down a site by herself even if she is still largely situational. Viper is undoubtedly a meta-agent, despite being a little challenging to understand, but she needs a strong team to maximize the potential of her skills. Viper might not be the ideal option for solo queuing, unless you are well-versed in the best lineups, of course.

Overall Viper is a solid agent to pick when it comes to having an aggressive approach toward the game. However, using Viper effectively isn’t as easy as it seems due to her complex abilities and requires enormous effort to master her.


Sage is known to be one of the best support agents in the game. She can heal herself or others during a round, allowing everyone in the fray a little bit more time to survive. Sage can use her Slow orb and wall to deter or even stop opponent attacks, which increases the likelihood that her team will succeed in a post-plant or retake. Sage’s function as a momentum swinger is still evident

Putting Sage’s Orbs aside, the Agent’s Resurrection Ability can swing a game in your favor, especially if you’re in a tight spot when the man-advantage can make all the difference. Overall, Sage is really good when it comes to supporting a team but her involvement is slowly decreasing due to recent meta changes with the influx of new agents.


Killjoy can function as a strong agent when it comes to post-plant situations. She is one of the most effective Agents on Defense thanks to her skills, but she may also be very useful on Attack. Early in the round, her Nanoswarm grenade can have a significant influence; even if it isn’t activated, it still provides useful area denial. Likewise with post-plants.

Killjoy isn’t as good now as she was when she was first released. She can’t expect her robots to complete their tasks while she roams the entire territory. To ensure that every one of her utilities is operational, she must remain near to each plant site. Additionally, her bots now have 20-second cooldowns if she needs to rotate. She still serves a purpose her Lockdown Ultimate is among the greatest in the game but she is less effective than other Agents on this list.

You have it, then. You can now contact our Top Agents in Valorant. Make sure to study each of the legends given to find the best fit for you.